Quality Housekeeping Services was launched with a sole intention of providing exceptional housekeeping services to the Domestic, Corporate and Industrial sectors. Our team is a group of specialized professionals. This ensures properly handled and professionally managed projects of any size with the ability to appreciate client's requirements. Our managerial activities provide our team with proper motivation, training for updating their knowledge from time to time, training about personal hygiene, manners and etiquettes.

All the tools and equipments that we use (Machines, Chemicals, Tools etc.) are branded and manufactured specifically for industrial use thus providing heavy-duty execution in a proper mechanized and logical manner. We can confidently say we have a complete solution for every housekeeping related problem.

For all your housekeeping requirements, we provide freshness in two phases.... 

a) Freshness Quality Housekeeping 

b) Daily Manual Cleaning

  • Dust control mopping in each and every area of the Office and Mockup House.
  • Dry and Wet mopping in each and every area of the Office and mockup House.
  • Glass cleaning of each and every area of the Office and Mockup House.
  • Upper part of Air condition and Light fitting and Fixture cleaning.
  • Clear of all the dust bins from each and every area of the Office.
  • Cleaning of all Office equipments...Eg: Computer Machine, Phones, Chairs, Fax machine, Photo copy machine, Cubical, Racks, etc.
  • Complete cleaning of WC and Bathrooms using branded cleaning products. Eg: Colour cubes, Air freshener.


“The advantages are obvious! Not only the work environment will be greatly improved, but the efficiency will also go!”

“Safety at work must be a priority for any company manager, the person with prime responsibility for maintaining the physical integrity of the workforce”

“Clean and orderly environment where each object is not only on its place, but also indicated in a very visible way”