College Housekeeping Services

College is the time of a student’s life where along with education one also creates golden memories of a lifetime. From the campus corridors to classrooms, libraries to canteens, memories are made every nook and corner. Herein, housekeeping becomes an integral part of ensuring colleges, universities, and institutions are kept spic and span as well as maintained accurately. Considering the vast area and numerous people visiting the campus, it is a huge responsibility to maintain complete hygiene and cleanliness on the premises.

We at Quality Housekeeping Services have a team of expert and trained staff who take the complete onus of providing appropriate College Housekeeping Services Our team is continuously updated about the latest technologies and up-gradation in the hospitality sector. Thus, we do not fail in employing accurate measures to ensure the healthy maintenance of the campus.

Disinfecting Canteen and Food Area

Canteens are one of the most crowded places in a college. Students throng in the canteen during lunch breaks and other times either to discuss projects or to just chill. This makes college housekeeping service a must. At quality housekeeping service, we carry out regular maintenance work wherein we spray disinfectants that are odorless and harmless for people. Besides, they are powerful to prevent the entry of ants, germs, bugs as well as rodents that can spread filth. In addition, if you require cleaning of pantry and food counters, we will help you in carrying out scheduled cleaning without hindering your work.

Restocking of Stationery and Paper Utilities

Whether it is laboratories or classrooms, stationeries are an important part of organizations like schools and colleges. This includes stocking of rubbers, waster papers, refilling inks, chalk, etc. In addition, it also requires the cleaning of laboratory wastes such as used test tubes, bio lab waste, waste papers, craft materials, and much more. Herein, we remove all the clutter and dispose of it safely. Our staff is trained to provide all students with an organized study space that is appealing for students.

We provide eco-friendly recycling

We at Quality Housekeeping Services believe in maintaining a sustainable environment and using products that are safe for the surrounding. Thus, whether it is sewage, paper waste, or collecting food remains, we carry out procedures that are eco-friendly, collect the waste, and recycle it. In addition, we also provide wastebaskets and containers that assist in recycling waste in a sustainable manner.

Sanitization of floors and washrooms

Colleges are places where toilets are used regularly. As part of our College Housekeeping Services, we follow a strict cleaning procedure to clean water tanks and washrooms. We provide waste disposals and supplies that include safe and high-quality alcohol or phenol, toilet papers, napkins, and hand cleaners as per the requirement.

Maintenance of Carpet, Floors, Wall and Boards

From regular mopping of college premises, hallways, offices, cabins, auditoriums, and carpets to a scheduled dusting of projectors and whiteboards we carry out every task with precision. Our company constantly strives to provide perfect services which thereby turns the environment into a pleasant environment.


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