Home Cleaning Services

Home is where we have our souls attached. Each one is attached to their home in a unique manner. And who wouldn’t like their abode to be spic and span that is clean as well as hygienic, free of illness? This is what makes Home Cleaning Services a must and most important criterion to ensure sound health and a pleasant environment. Our company, Quality Housekeeping Services have designed specialized cleaning services wherein we go an extra mile in ensuring a completely clean paradise for our clients.

Providing you a secure surrounding

The surrounding air is comprised of bacteria, germs, and viruses. These are not visible to the naked eye and often gets accumulated in places like furniture, curtains, clothes, floorings, etc. Occasional cleaning is very important to ensure everyone at your home is healthy. We at Quality Housekeeping Services bring you the best quality services using the latest techniques, thereby assisting you in freeing our home from pests and dirt.

Bathroom and Toilet Cleaning

Bathrooms and toilets are places that are more prone to bacteria and germs. These are also areas that reflect the health of the overall family. Moreover, would it feel appealing for your guests to use an unhygienic and untidy bathroom or toilet? Our Home Cleaning Services carry out a thorough cleaning of tubs, showers, pipes, toilet mirrors, washbowls, countertops, as well as sinks. Besides, our staff empty the wastebaskets, disinfect the toilet seats, floors using warm water and chemical disinfectants. Additionally, we also restock the toilet paper, carry out repairs required including fixing of peg rails, etc.

Kitchen Cleaning

The next important area in a home is the kitchen. This is the place that is most frequented by bacteria. Leftover pieces of food, stains of oil, sauces, can turn the overall appeal of the place. Besides, these can further accumulate germs, hence need to be treated using appropriate methods. From cleaning sinks, scrubbing granites, fixing the cabinetry, dusting lighting fixtures, our staff carries out the cleaning task to the ultimate proficiency. For removing the stubborn stains of oils we use advanced tools that are safe and chemical free.

Clearing clutter

Our home cleaning service doesn’t leave a single corner and takes the complete onus of turning the house tidy. Every corner is vacuumed to remove cobwebs, dust, and clutter that is disposed of safely. Besides, we also help in the arrangement of DVDs, CDs on the shelf, dusting and rearranging books in the library, gadgets, accessories as well as apparels in the closet.

Sorting cupboards

Does opening your closet or cupboard lead to all clothes kowtowing you? Then we are here to help you out. From reorganizing things to sorting them out, our staff is trained in every aspect of home cleaning. Also, if you are wanting to discard old clothes and want them to be recycled or donated, we will help you clean them.
From cleaning the floors, dusting the carpets, sofa to turning your home spic and shining, we ensure to present you with a pleasant and fragrant home.


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