School Housekeeping Service

School is not just a temple of knowledge but a place that nurtures in kids important values. Herein, as the saying goes, “preach what you follow” becomes a necessary criterion to follow. Hygiene and proper sanitization are two crucial aspects that ensure a clean and disease-free environment. And a school that does not follow appropriate housekeeping and maintenance would surely never be able to instill in children the role of hygiene. This makes hiring a professional School Housekeeping Service important.

We at Quality Housekeeping Services are industry experts who are renowned for providing a hygienic and safe environment for children in school to help them learn and grow healthy.

Attention to detailing

Washrooms and Eating areas are places that are more prone to dirt and infections. Dirt when left uncleaned can lead to infection and illnesses among children and staff in the school. But with quality housekeeping service, you can be completely assured to have spik and span washrooms and eating areas with no leftover food or tissues thrown anywhere. Our experts install waste vending machines in the eating area and washrooms with separate containers for dry and wet waste. Besides, we ensure the washrooms are sanitized and washed using high-quality solutions to keep infections away.

Libraries and book

Libraries are another area that is most prone to bugs. As the books are kept closely packed in the rack, there is no space for light or air to enter which makes it easy for bugs to breed. Under our School Housekeeping Services, we carry out periodic maintenance of libraries using systematic tools such as vacuuming and get the dirt removed from stuffed and narrow corners.

Maintenance of Furniture and Furnishings

The school benches often face the brunt of the mischief of kids who scratch the desks, doors, blackboards, and walls with crayons, pencils, and pens. We take the onus to maintain the sanctity and aura of the classrooms. We carry out regular maintenance checks, repairing, and cleaning. This includes using high-end techniques to remove dirt from furniture, lab tools, tables, chairs, desks as well as blackboard thereby leaving a shiny slate for students to learn from.

Corridors, Playground, and Floors

Quality Housekeeping Services house trustworthy and professional housekeepers who are trained to employ appropriate techniques to provide you a hygienic environment. Our team comprises of passionate and skilled staff who clear the dustbins from every class, replace it with a cleaned one, throw, mop the corridors, floors, amphitheaters using high-quality disinfectants and sprays. Besides, they also replace the old curtains from windows, chalks from the blackboard.

Checking ACs and Projectors

From changing of bulbs, carrying out periodic maintenance of air conditioners, light fittings, and fixture cleaning, our team provides high-quality service that would ensure there an aura of serenity spread around. Providing a clean and hygienic environment is the core objective of us at Quality Housekeeping Services and with our school housekeeping, we deem to provide a healthy and dirt free alma mater to children.


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