Mall Housekeeping Services In Nagpur India

This may sound insane but just stand in one place in a mall and count the number of people that pass you in a minute. You will be surprised that especially in the rush hours, a single minute could expose you to infections from hundreds of people visiting the mall. Malls today are like the complete city and where there is more crowd there are more chances of infections and germs. Housekeeping Services done by professional companies like Quality Housekeeping Services is a must.

Dust from shoes and germs getting spread when people touch different facilities in the mall and breathe in the closed space makes the mall visitors at high risk of getting infected. Our company offers mall housekeeping through well-trained cleaners who know the tricks of cleaning the mall and are also trained in using heavy equipment and chemicals to sanitize the shopping malls.

We offer more than the regular housekeeping services

You may be tempted to hire any housekeeping company to get your mall cleaned. However, we operate through a professional team and our cleaners are trained in service handling. They also know about general housekeeping and clean the mall in such a way to ensure that the aesthetics of the mall is maintained. Be it any floor or any space like a storeroom or a washroom our cleaners know the ways to clean these places as well. We are a reliable company and one that you can trust with the service. And the best part is that we do not charge a bomb for the services that we offer.

Upskill structure and strategy to clean your mall

At Quality Housekeeping Services we understand that the mall is a place with a high number of footfalls. This is especially on the weekends, during the festive season, and the holiday times when the number of visitors in the mall is abnormally high. This is why we make use of strategies and have a structure in place to make sure that the Mall Housekeeping Services is done in such a way that neither will your guests be bothered nor will we leave any part of the mall uncleaned. To do this we divide the mall into small areas and then alott staff to each area depending on the technique and the skill that they are trained in.

Scrubbing and stain removal- We do them all

There are delicate parts of the mall too like the tiles and marble fixtures that need to be cleaned with care. Then there are floors made of granite that start to get dull when dust gets accumulated on it. Such areas need a high level of housekeeping and maintenance to make them shine and sparkling clean. We make use of some elaborate procedures to smoothen and scrub your floors. We have chemicals to clean the upholstery and other delicate items in your mall. We also make use of vacuum cleaners to clean the carpets, curtains and other draperies in the mall.

We are trained in customer interaction too

All our housekeeping staff at Quality Housekeeping Services are trained in speaking in the regional language of the place. They also know a bit of English. This makes it easy for them to communicate with the customer. They know the etiquettes to speak with the guests. We have various categories of hotel housekeeping services staff and each has their set role to perform. Some do the delicate jobs while the others take care of immediate moping and cleaning of the public places in the mall.


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